What are the benefits of Spaceium Marketplace?

The Spaceium marketplace offer users to sell new or refurbished products to anyone anywhere around the world.

Proof-of-Ownership solves one of the biggest problems of second hand, authenticity. Feel confident that the products you are buying are owned by the person/business selling them.

Sell physical or digital products provided from the biggest blockchain ecosystems in the market. No more need to have different providers, everything at one place.

Skyrocket your business

Instead of paying high % Spaceium Marketplace only charges a minimum fee that are split between all the Spaceium holders.

Increase your profit

Use your saved money to build and scale your business to the next level, or you can relax and cheer your success with friends and family.

Your business, Your choice.

Sell physical products on your premises, locally or globally with Spaceium marketplace the choice is yours.

Start Your Own Business In No Time

Setting up a store within the Spaceium marketplace is easy.

Design with your branding

Use your branding and setup your store within the Spaceium marketplace.

Cross search

Users can easily search for products between different businesses and find products depending on several filters

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